Why You Shouldn’t Give A Crap About The Quality Of Your Content

boxing_glovesI was in the midst of pumping out some backlinks and chatting with my friend Tom from Standout Blogger when we started discussing quality content and what importance it holds for your blog. Tom seemed adamant that quality content is the basis of a successful blog and while I think it is important to produce quality content, I don’t think you need it to have a successful blog.

Since I love to play the devil’s advocate, we thought what better way to do this than to debate about this on our own territories. Here we are: read this through, take a side take my side, and then let us both know how wrong Tom is about this. Let the debate begin!

What’s Your Definition of a “Successful Blog”?

Just because you and I believe that we should produce quality content doesn’t mean that IS the only way you can be successful. But before we go down that road, let’s define what makes a successful blog. What does success mean to you?

To me, EIP will be a successful blog when I can help people make money online using honest and ethical methods. When I can earn part of my income through my blog and help people make income, that would complete my definition of this blog being a success.

However, a successful blog to others might just mean spreading awesome content only; or it could mean producing mediocre content but ultimately earning crap tons of cash through the blog; or is a blog still successful if it produces crap-gibberish-that-a-monkey-could-produce-typing-randomly yet still earns its owner/author a full time income?

We might hold a bias against what a successful blog means to us but to someone who only has less than $10 in their account and is a night away from being homeless, they probably don’t care about the crappy content they are producing… their focus foremost would be money.

A bit of a ramble there but the point is, the definition of a “successful blog” can vary person to person.

What’s Your Definition of “Quality Content”?

Just because I think something is “quality content”, may not be that in a lot of other peoples’ eyes. Let’s face it: there are many blogs, plenty in the internet marketing/make money online niche, that publish rehashed junk but make damn good money online. In my eyes, the content is poor quality yet people new to this whole niche might see it as pure gold (that’s the only thing I can think of??)

I would love to name a few blogs but I’ll play this smartly and not do just that.

We can take this a step further. Take a look at some blogs, for instance Perez Hilton or TMZ, and their first priority is to get the news out there first (and hopefully be the first ones out there to do so). These news blurbs aren’t any shining examples of brilliant journalism but they do their intended job. No one complains about the so-called quality of the writing as long as they these people are in the know about Charlie Sheen’s latest (psychedelic?) rant or how much blow Lohan last snorted.

I’m on a roll now so let’s keep going. Let’s throw in affiliate style “blogs” that are really affiliate websites that hardly get updated. The content usually contains an Amazon affiliate link that the reader searched for. If a searcher ends up at a blog where the author blogs about cheap belts and provides a link to Amazon, do you think the searcher cares for the quality of the content or an Amazon related link that shows them what they came looking for in the first place?

Let’s be clear here: I don’t advocate low quality content but we all partake in it. Whether it’s in the form of sub-par articles on their way to article directories, Squidoo or Hubpages, we have all done it. Some of us will debate that we take care in spinning our article content but deep down we know these articles aren’t anything earth shattering; the content serves the purpose of being sub-par and earning us a couple of links.

And yes, sure Google seems to have cracked down on some article directories but not all of them. For years, they have known that articles provide low quality content but wait until now to “crack down” as they have? (I’m not sure how much they have actually cracked down on as I still see articles ranking in top ten, perhaps not as many).

Each one of you reading this article can probably think of a couple of blogs (at least) that present mediocre makes-me-yawn-with-tears-in-my-eyes dung but utilize their subscribers in ways that makes them great money. You know what’s worse? Watching and smelling that dung fly right above your head in Twitter-Land. (That’s not always the case; I do find great reads as well thanks to Twitter).

But my friends, I digress.

Let’s have a look at what sweet, Candyland world type things Tom has to say regarding his stance on quality content:

“Now there is nothing wrong with having a lot of ads on your site (take a look at all the popular news sites for example), but if you are not producing quality content – then basically you are wasting people’s time, clogging up the search engines, and being of no use to anyone – except you.”

Again, as I have proposed to you, do you think for a person who is dirt poor, living homeless, they care how they are polluting the internet? Do you think their parents care if their son can start living a decent life? As much as we are all irked by adsense littered blogs and sites, other than annoying someone, the content isn’t physically hurting anyone. It just “exists”.

I will end this debate by saying that I do NOT promote you producing low quality content for your blogs or websites but I don’t think that “quality content” is used or needed for every blog out there or for a blog to be “successful”. In fact, my aim here at EIP is to provide you with unique, quality content sprinkled in with personal experiments that inspire others.

More importantly, what do you think? If you have enjoyed this debate, feel free to let us know. Also, consider stumbling and retweeting this post as it might help save a couple of kittens and puppies ;) Please don’t forget to check out why Tom thinks that You Should Just Quit Blogging If You Are Not Producing Quality Content!

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