The Tool that Could Bring You Exposure By the Thousands

… and it’s free. I’m referring to a neat tool that works in conjunction with StumbleUpon: In the last few days, you may have noticed that I have been using to push my links out on Twitter as well as Facebook. I came across while reading How tripping over can boost your Traffic by Matthew. I can honestly say that out of all the social media tools, has been the most helpful.

Matthew does a great job of explaining what is and how he uses it to get some nice exposure for his posts. I’ll give you a quick summary: allows you to send out tweets, Facebook messages, and StumbleUpon your content in an easy manner with the ability of scheduling these messages (we’ll call them “broadcasts” here) at a later time. Not a big deal right? After all, using Hootsuite, I can schedule my tweets and other social media accounts.

Where shines is that it accumulates data like how many people read your posts and at what time. After some observation, you’ll discover the best times to send out broadcasts for your posts to receive the maximum amount of exposure. If you’re already a member of StumbleUpon, you can use the same account credentials to log into which saves the hassle of creating and managing another account.

Pushing Out a Link

Creating a link is pretty easy: copy and paste your link into the box and click on “Just Shorten” button. Next, copy and paste your headline, prep the broadcast as you’d like it to appear and click on “Post”. If you’ve entered details of your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the broadcast will be pushed to both accounts. Here is how one of my articles looked like in the browser when I clicked on the link:


You will notice a toolbar on top of your post. This gives the reader easy access to “stumble” your content, review it, or just say they like it.

But you know what the best part is? As soon as I push out my link to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, I can refresh the page to view how many people have clicked on the link and viewed my account:


Clicking on the “clicks”, “retweets” and “View Stats” will show you a breakdown of the number of clicks, the number of stumbles as well as the number of retweets (and who retweeted them).

Breakdown of Your Account Report

As much fun as it is to analyze the individual, post reports, where really shines is how it shows you the accumulative data. On the right side of your page, you will find three graphs which show you three different types of stats.

The first one shows you the total amount of traffic to your links:

Another graphs shows you the “suggested posting times”, which I absolutely love! Since I’m in the early stages of using, I’ve made it a point to push my links whenever I want. The only way to know when my best times to post are by accumulating this data over a few days (the longer, the better).

Why Use

Why not use This is a tool that shows you the best time to post your content on your Twitter and Facebook accounts (and easily allows others to stumble your account). Without this tool, you’d never know if pushing out a broadcast at 1 p.m. is the best or worst time or how many people actually clicked on your link.

Even though I haven’t accumulated many stumbles or reviews, I’m seeing a small trickle of traffic come through StumbleUpon. In fact, it’s one of my top three sources for traffic:


Keep in mind that the stats are a bit skewed since I’ve just began using Only time will tell how many visitors I’ll receive from StumbleUpon and how beneficial it is.

Despite my RSS subscribers, I want as much exposure as possible to EIP and is a super tool that allows you to do that. As of tonight, I have received over 2241 clicks thanks to using this powerful tool (and that’s just in my spare time).

For those who want to check out, click the link and for those who already use it, what do you think? Is there a feature that you think is particularly useful or could be improved on?

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