In the Span of a Year, the Journey of a Blog

In case you weren’t aware, Experiments In Passive Income has been in existence for one whole year. When I launched EIP, I was working full-time as a programmer and earning “good money”. Thanks to all the people who inspired me to launch EIP, it’s been a rocky but awesome year full of things that I never thought I’d do. Along the way, I learned a thing or two about creating a successful blog and mini-sites.

Where should I even begin?

Let me start by mentioning all the amazing things that I have been able to accomplish over the year and how this blog has progressed over its first year:

Started and Developed a Blog With an Awesome Community

I can remember sitting in my office room, last year in December, constructing my first EIP post. Back then, I never knew that my content would get better with time, that I’d be chatting with like-minded people through the comments, Skype and Twitter, or that EIP would cultivate a specific group of intelligent and helpful people. Need proof? Check out comments from any posts. I even received extremely helpful suggestions for my ebook!

Quit My Job & Took a Plunge Into the Unknown

I still remember typing up my last resignation letter and holding onto it for a few days. After all, that job paid me decently and funded my travels to New York, Boston, Florida, California to name a few.

With shaky hands, I submitted the letter to my manager. I remember how shocked he was and I remember how surprisingly excited I felt afterwards when I got home.

True freedom. The possibilities were (are) endless. I’m still figuring out my path but it’s been one hell of a ride and I’m enjoying most of the work I’m doing (it doesn’t even feel like work, hah!)

Made An Amazing Move to Southern California

I have been an east coaster for most of my life but about five years ago, I had this urge to visit California. I finally managed to pull off a road trip from the east coast to California and back.

And it was freakin’ amazing. The next year, I visited San Diego with my sister and six months later, we moved here. I make it sound easy but really, it was almost a two year process… and I’m so glad I went through with it.

Here’s an amazing sunset that I recently enjoyed in La Jolla:


Learned Crap-loads About SEO, Ranking, Keyphrase Optimization

The amount of stuff that I have learned about search engine optimization in general, as well as ranking, keyphrase optimization–it’s ridiculous!

I have finally found something that I love working with. Figuring out what helps websites and blogs rank–so far it has been fascinating for me, which is probably why I don’t notice when hours pass by and I’m still working on my mini-sites.

I’m still learning heaps, sharing all I can here and I even learn through my “mistakes”. In fact, I know that search engine optimization is something that I will have to continuously invest my time in and I’m fine with that.

Enhanced My Writing Skills

I’m not the most sophisticated writer but I believe my headlines/titles and content are getting better with time. EIP started with general topics; to be fair, that’s what I was experiencing at the time. Now, I like to think that I’m organizing my articles more, resulting in engaging and easy-to-digest information.

In fact, about 70% of the time, the content writes itself.

Guest Posted on Probloger

Yes! About two weeks ago, I had the thought of submitting my guest post to Darren (of Problogger) and I went a step further and actually did it!

I figured I’d probably hear back from him 2-3 weeks later but I couldn’t be any more excited when I received a response within a couple of days.

In fact, I’m not sure what I expected from this guest post; if anything, a rejection email or a lot of editing. By day two, 10 Realizations that Will Crush Your Little Heart In Your First Year of Blogging, has received over 300 RTs and 40 comments (more details in an upcoming post).

The comments provided me with insight as to what people want and watching my call to action yield results has been awesome. I’m excited to go into the new year with more direction!

Created an Ebook

This has been another awesome milestone for me since I never imagined writing an ebook of any kind. The concept came to me one day, eating Chinese food outside, while waiting for my sister. “If I can’t write about my successes yet, who says I can’t teach people with things I’ve done wrong?”

There you have it. After I completed the rough draft, I had my friends Kevin and Thomas read it. Thanks to their encouragement, my next step was to name this little baby, which you all helped me do here: Help Call: Help Me Name My First Ebook!

Thanks to Charlie and his amazing design skills, you can now find To The Moon & Back: An Honest Guide to Building Successful Passive Income Businesses Online here.

And there is much more coming, as soon as I get some quality brainstorming time in!

Learned How To Use Social Media Effectively

I still struggle with using social media well but discovering was a whole another revelation for me. It resulted in the post, The Tool that Could Bring You Exposure By the Thousands.

Not only have I been able to discover the best times for me to re-tweet my content but I can also immediately tell who has ‘liked’ my content on StumbleUpon and how many members of that community have had a chance to view my content. Check out these numbers:


These stats might appear like nothing to a blogger who has had much more success but they keep me going. If you notice my stats in my ebook, you can see the stats grow over the last few months.

I’m still learning to use Twitter properly and haven’t explored a Facebook fan page (and don’t intend to until I grow on Twitter much more). Effectively using social media tools in itself is an art. Connect with me on Twitter if you haven’t already!

Learned About Brand Awareness

Like other things, I’m not a pro at this but I can appreciate what creating a brand can do for you. Look at Problogger or what Glen is doing with Viperchill and Pat is doing with “SPI” or Smart Passive Income.

With my own design and cool initials, “EIP”, and a few worthy guest posts, I can grow EIP much more quickly this way compared to commenting on other blogs and using other more time consuming yet-not-very-effective strategies.

Expect EIP to spread like wildfire over the next couple of months!

Finding My Voice

This, by far, has been the hardest thing for me to do over the course of a year. “What am I suppose to write about today?”, “I don’t want to sound like xxx but I’d love to talk about this” or “I don’t know enough about this.”

It’s a good feeling to know that my content is getting better and that I have my own unique, conversational style amongst so many other voices on the internet.

In fact, now I feel proud that I can relate to so many of you on various levels.

Where EIP Is Heading

Ideas are on fire. Expectations need to be raised and met. I want to become an authority figure in the area of growing and branding blogs, learning more about search engine optimization, proving my knowledge by ranking my mini-sites, and finally, earning money online actively and passively as soon as possible!

In fact, as I’ve learned, earning passive income online hasn’t been easy nor passive but it is something I’m absolutely determined to do!

As always you can expect me to share things with you from an honest perspective.

Since we are celebrating a full year of EIP’s existence, I would love it if you could show some love by leaving a comment, RT’ing this or any other useful posts you have found here and stumbling and digging this post specifically. Thank you for supporting EIP by reading my content and sharing it with others!

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