Importance of Following Through With Your Goals

balboa-park1_travel_and_transitions_dot_comThe first time I visited California, I fell in love with Pasadena and Los Angeles in general. The second time I visited, I fell in love with San Diego and knew that I needed to follow my heart there.

This post is being constructed in my new apartment in Escondido (neighboring San Diego), where the temperature lingers around mid-70s for most days and dips into the 60s at night. To an outsider, it took me 6 months to make my West coast move. For those who know me a little better, this has taken more like 1.5 years. Let’s talk about…

The Importance of Following Through

your goals and dreams. One of my biggest goals for this year is to earn a full-time income online, which hasn’t happened halfway into the year. Another one of my goals was to make the huge leap from the east coast to the west coast. I haven’t done either perfectly but I am making my way there. I am not the type to let something stop me from completing my goals so I know deep down that I will also dominate my other goals.

Don’t Make Tight Plans Ahead of Time

This is best illustrated with a real life story. When I was visiting San Diego last January, searching an apartment became one of my main goals. Every day, instead of heading out and exploring awesome parts of San Diego, I’d start out by visiting three apartments a day. Once I got home, we realized that all of these apartments were out of my price range. I had kind of known this ahead of time but took actions against my better judgment. I had returned home with nothing!

Back to the drawing board I went. After doing online research, we found an apartment outside of San Diego, in Escondido with reasonable rent (when compared to San Diego). We applied for the apartment and in less than 5 minutes, we were approved.

In the end, my decision wasn’t based on anything I had visited in person. When push came to shove, we found something realistic within minutes.

If you’re making thorough plans for any of your goals, you’re already at a disadvantage. While your competitors are out there testing in the real world, seeing what works and what doesn’t, you are clinging on to details that won’t matter or work when it comes to application. In my case, I was looking for an apartment 6 months in advance; by summer, the rates would have changed rendering this research useless.

I encourage you to make goals and take steps to execute and actually finish them. If I hadn’t moved to Escondido, I probably would have been unhappy where I was. An unhappy mind can’t lead to success.

Where I Am Now

It is important for me to share my progress so that I’m not disillusioned with it. Following my own advice regarding social bookmarking, I started using an automated social bookmarking tool last week. Either this is having no effect on the search engines or the search engines haven’t caught up with my latest work. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I hope that you will continue to follow my journey as well as discuss strategies in the comments section (which has been an invaluable for me). Excuse me now, as I have to go say hello to the seals of La Jolla.

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