Do People Want to Hear That Making Money Online Can Take Time?

question_markDespite what everyone around the web says, while making money online isn’t impossible, it’s not that easy either. Sure, a few of you might have hit some lucky niches, but it’s getting more competitive than ever. A lot of people want to ditch their nine to five jobs and make money online. However, this post isn’t about that.

Hopefully you’re aware that this blog, Experiments In Passive Income, is part of a case study. It was founded last November as a means to document everything I do related to making money online and to be as honest and transparent as possible while doing so. It was started to keep my efforts in check while providing you with great information.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been very proud of the work I’ve been putting into EIP. I can see the changes in the number of comments I’m receiving, the re-tweets catching on, the amount of ideas spilling out of my head and straight into my lil notebook (and they’re pretty damn good ones), and now, I’m feeling it’s time for EIP to evolve.

The Evolution of EIP

..from a “regular” blog by a “regular” (former nine-to-fiver) woman to an informative blog full of case studies by someone who is experiencing the highs and lows of a blog start-up and niche projects.

A couple of months ago, I decided to write a free, download-able report to create a list for EIP. Through the list, I will have the ability to share even more in-depth content with you (separate case studies, asking you to test any product releases, special or free offers on products, and more).

The report is as finished as I can get it to be. Call it a progress report of sorts. But to be honest, now I feel insecure about this report. Let me explain myself further:

Since I have not had much success with my niche sites and I am all for being honest, I decided to write the report about things that I shouldn’t have done. Something like, “First Year of EIP: Mistakes, Growth & Everything In Between Noone Tells You About!” This would include mistakes with my niche sites, my blog, any tools I found helpful and an ebook or two that won’t waste your money and will help you strategize a plan (believe me, I’ve spent money and wish I hadn’t on certain things!)

But really, do people want to hear that making money online can take some time? Corbett mentioned in his free pdf 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures (excellent read, by the way) how it took him a while until he started earning an income online but he is a success story and people love those.

How Do I Think My Free Report Will Help You?

I think this report will help you in a lot of ways. I go behind the scenes about my blog and its growth (EIP that is) as well as advice regarding niche sites that I wish I knew from the beginning.

Perhaps, for a few of you, it could help you not throw away your hard earned money on tools that suck and instead spend it on tools that I have tried and love. Of course, I’ll have some nice tidbits from people who have already done what I am trying to do and you’ll receive their helpful advice as well.

I am not a success story (yet!) and you get to see any doubts and fears I have. It’s hard to admit that my first three websites aren’t doing as well as I had hoped and that I’m not making regular income online.

What Do You Think?

Since I want to deliver all kinds of value to you, I’ll ask you here: would you be interested in advice from someone who hasn’t made it yet? Are you interested in reading about stuff that you should definitely not do when trying to make money online and the things that you should do? My fear is that no one will download this report, that no one will be interested in it and that people don’t want to read about someone who is in a transitional phase trying to make money online (but then you wouldn’t be reading EIP, now would you?)

Creating this report and the list helps me evolve EIP into what I want it to become (all the while you get to see it evolving) and will help me push myself by providing content that helps. Not to mention, now I feel the pressure that everyone undoubtedly feels in unfamiliar territory. I look forward to it!

Please share any advice or questions that you have in the comment section.

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