Check-Off Friday: Where I Am With My Goals (And Where The Hell Are You With Yours?!)

man_vs_chess I will take today’s time and space here to look over all the goals that I’ve started in the last few weeks and share where I am with them, hopefully forcing you to to take a look at your own goals and how far you are with them.

Let me start off by mentioning that I attended another conference call with Lisa Nowak and some fellow comrades to discuss what we have all been upto since the first conference call. Lisa Nowak, of The World’s Best Fruit, hosts these conference calls and if you don’t know anything about her, check her video out here (third video from top). Enough said about her awesomeness!

She’s been kind enough to assemble a few people, like me, to meet every week and help each other establish our online sources of income. What I hadn’t realized nor prepared for was that I might have to discuss my first Google Adwords Campaign, so that went a bit ungraceful but it was fun to enlighten the group about my campaign shenanigans. I liked this conference call much more than the last one since most everyone had a chance to discuss things. The call ended with an awesome note: we all had to commit to a goal right on the spot, and yours truly chose to find another product and launch another Google Adwords campaign (you will not beat me!)

While the above doesn’t fall under “goals”, it would have been much easier for my introvert-self to come up with an excuse to not attend. I’m glad that I did and hopefully these conference calls will keep me on my toes.

One of the latest goals I set was to hire a writer to help me create articles for eHow and perhaps another site (that pays on a similar model). I hired the writer a few days ago and was suppose to have sent him my list of topics at least a couple of days ago. Bad Moon. I did send him my initial set of topics today, thank you snow day.

Also, as you have probably read, I conducted my first Google Adwords campaign, which was not a success and more of a failure. Not even a total failure, because I have learned from it. I have learned that I need to become comfortable with the whole process, instead of getting stuck on each phase. I need to become comfortable with researching a niche/product, creating the website for it (within a few days), and throwing it out there as soon as possible. I have a tendency to analyze everything to death so I need to rinse and repeat this process to produce anything fruitful.

In keeping with the commitment to the group, I spent a few hours today researching products for my next Google Adwords Campaign. After about 2.5 hours, I told myself to pick one product and move on. I plan on constructing a website this weekend (clean and simple) and hopefully conducting the ad campaign early next week.

I am proud to say that I have also fallen into the routine of updating Experiments In Passive Income three times a week. Along with doing that comes the job of networking with like-minded individuals, commenting on their blogs, responding to comments on my blog, and keeping up with Twitter a bit. I exercised 6/7 days last week, and 2/4 days (so far) but hopefully will make it to 5/7 days before the end of the week. I have NOT eaten out in a week and a half now, which might not be a huge deal for a lot of you, but it is for me. Tomorrow night, I get to feast at a nice restaurant, so that should be damn well delicious!

What I have NOT done so far is write a guest post for anyone so I have to reach out to people and get the ball rolling. Mike Key has been kind enough to contact me, so we’ll see where that goes. I have also not created my first video post yet, so let’s see if that’s another goal that I can tackle in February. I would love nothing more than to inject personality into this blog, like Maren Kate did for her post here (another awesome blog. Hey!! Wait to click on it after you’re done reading this ;) .

Whew, now that I have recapped everything, it feels amazing. This blog has been the catalyst that I have needed for so long. I look forward to bringing you worthwhile lessons and interviews and hopefully showing you what can be done with a bit of hard work.

But wait. Tell me where the hell are YOU with your goals? (I mean that in the nicest of ways, in a way that makes you say “Oh! I had set this goal! Let me go finish this now). See? I mean well. Let me know what you’re up to!

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