Bookmarking Demon Report: What You Need to Know

Before I delve into juicy details of this report, it is really important that you know a few important things:

  • I haven’t used any other automated social bookmarking software, so I have nothing to compare Bookmarking Demon to
  • I’m a “regular” user, one who understands the basics of using Bookmarking Demon (I suppose a good chunk of the people who use BMD are users like me)
  • I’ve been using Bookmarking Demon on and off for about 3 weeks.
  • I am reviewing Bookmarking Demon Version

If you need to know why I have been using backlinks, please have a read here: Bookmarking Demon: Helpful Social Bookmarking Software or Bust?

Quick Overview

In order to rank your website/blog, you (most of the time) need to create some serious backlinks. You can do this manually of course: create guest posts and have the keyword text in your author blog point back to your site, submit articles to article directories with resource blurb pointing at your site, create social bookmarking accounts and point those to your site… well, you get the idea.

If you think all this manual work blows, you’re right: it damn well does. One alternative is to find a proper “automation” tool that can help you do all these tasks. Other alternatives would include outsourcing the work or using a web-based social bookmarking service. One of the tools that I came across last year was Bookmarking Demon.

How Did I Use Bookmarking Demon?

I had a simple mission: use the Bookmarking Demon to create backlinks. Not only to create backlinks but also to save time and not have to fill in the nitty gritty details. This tool allows you to work in two modes: beginner’s mode and expert mode. If you want more control over your accounts, then expert mode is the way to go (once you’re more comfortable with the software, you’ll definitely want to delve into expert mode).

There are five steps to go through. The first one allows you to create accounts with about 99 social bookmarking sites. Once you create these accounts, Bookmarking Demon allows you to easily process the confirmation emails by clicking on a button (as long as you take a few minutes and setup POP 3 email; very easy to do, did it multiple times without any problems). Once that has been done, your account(s) are ready to be used as you desire.

The next thing you can do is add the URLs that you’d like to bookmark. You can do something cool like “crawl” a website or RSS feed.

What does this mean? It means that the software will crawl your website and pull all the links/pages it can find on your site. This is pretty cool, as you can collect all the pages you need in a quick process.

If you do purchase Bookmarking Demon, I highly suggest you read all the guides that come with it. The ultimate guide discusses all the strategies you can use with this social bookmarking tool and how well they can work. Another guide shows you the more advanced features.

After you’ve added your URL’s, you can individually pick which accounts you want to use for bookmarking and off you go. During the submission process, there might be captchas that you’ll have to enter (depending on the social bookmarking site(s) that you’ve selected):


[Note: Sometimes the captcha images get ridiculous and even I have a hard time with them. Are these social bookmarking sites trying to keep humans from signing up as well? ;]

After you’re done, you’ll receive a report on all the submissions, whether they’ve been successful or not:


The Specifics

After reading the accompany guides, I implemented a strategy or two into my Bookmarking Demon submissions. The week before I tested for this review, I started noticing a low success rate when creating new accounts. Knowing that this report was coming up, I had to analyze what could be causing such a low success rate.

One of the warnings that kept getting repeated was the IP ban warning. Since I had created more than one accounts for each of the social bookmarking sites, I figured that my IP had been banned. To give this test run a fair shot, I signed up for a program that allows me to “alter” my IP on whim (more on this another time).

To be clear, for the last test run, I signed up with a new gmail email account and used a new IP address. The purpose was to create accounts for each of the sites (about 99-100). After a 35 minute run, here were the results:


Why Such a Low Success Rate?

If you look closely, I didn’t even end up with a 50% success rate. To be fair, this could be due to a number of factors, starting with the statement on the Bookmarking Demon website:


As “spamming” (depending on which point of view you take) increases, these social bookmarking sites are modified to counter the spam. BMD is updated fairly often and I received an update notice soon after my test run. Perhaps the update might help in producing better results.

The Verdict

Bookmarking Demon has so much potential. After all, here I’ve only shown you the snippets of what it can do. I didn’t get to delve into the actual bookmarking part but figured if account creation success rate was on the low side to begin with, then why bother with the bookmarking part? Other issues that I haven’t devled into are the “stickiness” of the accounts I’ve created and the websites I have bookmarked. My main frustration resulted from step one: account creation.

To discuss each feature in detail is beyond the scope of this review. My verdict is based on not only just one test run, but the last few times I have used BMD. The test run just happened to be well documented for the purpose of today’s report.

Based on the last few runs of BMD, I wouldn’t recommend splurging on Bookmarking Demon. However, since updates are pushed on Bookmarking Demon (plus similar software) as well as the social bookmarking sites (to fight “spammers”), I will do one last test run this week to see if there’s an increase in the account creation success rate.

I will leave you with the suggestion of reading Alex Whalley’s Automate your Social Bookmarking…Free!. However, I haven’t tested his suggestions yet and can’t endorse these tools, but hey, they’re free for your testing purposes.

Bookmarking Demon does come with a 60 day return policy (through Click Bank), so if you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can go through my BMD affiliate link or find the official website through Google yourself.

Got Beef?

Do you disagree with this report? Would you rather do manual submissions with social bookmarking sites? Please feel free to share your views.

P.S. You may also notice that I have censored the names of any social bookmarking sites that were in my images. Since this information isn’t freely available on the BMD site, it would be wrong for me to post the list. Just know there are a few popular social bookmarking sites on the list and the PR of each site is listed next to the entry.

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