Why Blog Blueprint Rocks For Your Backlinking Campaign–The Most Important Words You’ll Read Today

More and more, the quality of backlinks has become a major factor in ranking your websites and blogs. With the recent clearing of content farms from rankings, Google claims that these update have affected 11.8% of their queries. That’s a pretty big damn number!

For those of you curious, these changes in Google’s algorithm have not affected my niche sites. In fact, it is a little bit hard to isolate any changes in website rankings unless you were using these content farms directly to help rank your site. A couple of my sites, in fact, have started ranking in the top hundred of Google search. I attribute this positive change due to the sites hitting close to the one year mark.

But let’s talk about the deeper issues: as someone trying to rank a niche site, it is beyond overwhelming to create a mix of backlinks all by yourself, especially if you need to create a few hundred of them! To create social bookmarks, articles for article directories, wiki backlinks and web 2.0 backlinks is like trying to push a car while it’s in neutral to the nearest gas station. Sure, you can get the job done but you’ll be barely gaining any ground, sweating to death in the heat (along with your buds) and you’ll be exhausted as hell after putting in the effort.

How to Create High Quality Backlinks for Your Niche Sites

If you have ever created backlinks yourself, manually, for days, weeks and months on end, then you know the struggles I’m talking about. I had the displeasure of doing this for two months straight and the results weren’t near impressive.

Throw in the task of having to create backlinks for more than one of your niche sites and it becomes completely overwhelming. I resorted to purchasing and using Bookmarking Demon; pricey and not a high success rate for bookmarking submissions. And then there were the days when I heard that Unique Article Wizard was the end all, be all; until I discovered that out of all the links to be published on these blogs, most were PR none or PR 0 and some of the links would never work. While a good number of people claim that UAW did wonders for them, my experience was the opposite. Another disappointment: check.

Then I was introduced to Blog Blueprint. Before you think of this as a cheap pitch, I can say that the tool is simple as hell, only requires you to write a 100 word post with one link each with your keywords. Better yet, Blog Blueprint has a network of high PR blogs that they don’t tell anyone about (to keep people from exploiting them).

If you are not sure about Blog Blueprint, then you should know that for my recent niche site challenge, my main backlinking strategy consisted of using BB. Using BB for 95% of my backlinks, I was able to rank my niche site within a couple weeks (creating the backlinks consistently every day).

I’ll be the first to admit: ranking niche sites hasn’t been the easiest thing for me. However, for my new challenge that I announced here, I’ll be using Blog Blueprint again to help rank my sites.

What’s Your Definition of Quality?

To me, quality backlinks can encompass links to your site pointed by high PR, aged websites, or a related site (topic-wise). Combine all three and about 97% of the work has been done for me. No longer do I have to create a list of web 2.0 sites or keep track of the new blogs I created (which are really young in age, btw) or any web 2.0 accounts I have created.

Of course, this can be debatable as some people will argue that guest posts can be better. In my opinion, it all depends on the type of your site and what you are aiming to do. For my niche sites, BB works wonders.

Creating all sorts of accounts (whether for blog, wiki or other web 2.0 sites) takes a LOT of time. All I have to do now is create a quick post, insert my link, choose a category and hit ‘Submit’. Your posts are suppose to be published within 20 minutes or so each. I noticed slow submissions only once and the BB team was quick to fix the issue. Most of my posts are published within the hour.


Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

I thought that learning everything by hand, creating my own backlinks would be a great learning experience–to a certain extent, it is. I’m certainly not discouraging you from trying your hand at it. I want this post to resonate with those people who have experienced the backlinking grind and are looking for something that relieves that pain.

Blog Blueprint can certainly do that for you. The cost is slightly less than UAW on a monthly basis but it pays for all the hours of frustration it saves me.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to throw them my way!

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